YouTube’s Monetization and Watch Hours Policies in 2022

This article is about how you can make money from the content you post on YouTube to generate revenues on update technology. YouTube has four rules of thumb to earn money from YouTube which are:

  1. You’ll need 1,000 viewers for your YouTube channel.
  2. Your videos have earned 4000 Watch Time hours in the past 12 months.
  3. You are in compliance to all YouTube’s rules and guidelines.
  4. You’ve got an AdSense account created.

If you intend to keep operating within, and in particular, make money off from your YouTube video content, then you must ensure that you’re adhering to the terms and conditions of YouTube’s service (TOS)

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We’ve collected the most important updated guidelines to pay at when you upload YouTube videos.

Before we go into the issues, it’s important to be aware that YouTube has a strict “three violations and you’re done policy. If you commit three violations and you are found guilty, your YouTube account is permanently closed and you won’t be able to access your videos or other information you’ve uploaded on it.

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You can’t affirm you have proof that 2021 American presidential election was fraudulent in a YouTube clip

YouTube has announced that any video that suggests that widespread fraud in the voting process affected election results presidential election will be removed from its website. In an long blog article the Google-owned video platform clarified that videos that assert that the presidential candidate had won the election due to widespread software glitches or count errors won’t be erased.

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This policy went into force on Wednesday, 8 December 2022.

You are not allowed to publish adult-related content in your channel that is not ‘kid safe’

Required to pay $160 million for alleged breaches of the Children’s Privacy Law, YouTube is now deciding to enforce new rules pertaining to children.

In Jan. 2022YouTube producers will be required to clearly identify the projected audience of their videos.

When uploading the creators must mark a box that the uploaded video is directed to children.

Here’s how it appears inside YouTube Studio:

By ticking this box, you can stop the video from showing algorithms-based, targeted ads that are triggered by prior indications of an interest.

These are different from contextualized ads (i.e. pop-up banners) which can be displayed regardless of age-appropriate label.

Here’s the deal:
This new policy is applicable to all the videos that is available in YouTube’s database.

Although you may have uploaded a lot of videos, they has to be analyzed and then deemed “kid-directed” or suitable for older audiences.A video’made for children is not able to have a comment section. Viewers will not be allowed to save it to their playlists by using the save button.

This is an important advancement, giving tens of thousand of YouTube creators plenty of reason for worry.

In light of its unclear definition, it’s not clear what content falls out of the definition of “child-directed”.

What exactly is kid-directed content? Google describes child-oriented content as content that is suitable for children up 13 years old which is the minimum age required for the creation of the YouTube channel.

Videos targeted at children being that is deemed by YouTube to be inappropriate for children could lead to creators paying the FTC penalties of up to $42,530.

This is also true for videos classified as not-child friendly , which are classified by YouTube to contain the content of a nature that is kid comfortable.
If a video is based on adult themes, but also features cartoon characters, this could cause the creator to be given a substantial fine.

The problem is YouTube creators:

YouTube creators depend mainly on professionalization advertisements’ earnings
In the event that your channel on YouTube is your principal source of revenue it’s best to take a deliberate choice:

Are you changing the way you make YouTube content to ensure it is suitable for youngsters? Do you also choose to cut off the younger viewers? You’ll have to make the decision quickly.

It’s important to know that you are able to set the content of your YouTube Channel as kid-friendly. If you do this, you’ll end up having to delete your Community page. You will not be able to turn off the bell notifications turned on , and you won’t be able post comments to other video.

In the simplest terms:

In light of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, YouTube is cracking down on any predatory activity that might be taking place within its site. It is now your responsibility to determine whether the video you uploaded is appropriate for kids (e.g. 13 years old and under) when you upload it to your channel.

A lot of people consider it to be grey space, which is why it’s suggested that you do your research and remain up-to-date with what YouTube thinks is child-friendly. Videos that are deemed not suitable for children won’t be able to benefit from targeted advertisements and comments that are open to all. Furthermore the feature that permits you to push-notify users is disabled.

A video deemed child-friendly and later identified to have adult themes, language , or imagery could result in the uploader being handed a substantial fine.

Don’t be fooled anymore to the top of the heap:

The saying goes “You cannot buy your way to the highest point Do you know the saying ‘You can’t buy your way to the top’?
The degree to which this is universally accurate is debatable. On YouTube it’s an absolute fact.

YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy prohibits creators from increasing their accounts’ subscribers by using techniques like sub-for-sub or giveaways for free. This was a typical practice during the early days of YouTube that involved soliciting someone to sign up to the channel for subscribing to theirs.

The sole purpose of these contests is not to encourage people to sign up to, like, or leave comments in your videos. Any language or call-to action that implies this could most likely land you in hot water.

If you’re planning on implementing giveaways, ensure that the call-to-action is in line with this policy.

Consider asking viewers to go to your website rather than subscribing to it.

You’ll need to have more than 100k subscribers to allow your YouTube channel to become confirmed

The fact that you have a verified YouTube channel is a significant accomplishment.
It might not result in a new wealth stream or raise creators to the hire tier of revenue from ads. But the prestige that the badge of verification carries it motivates creators to put in the effort to achieve it. People are more likely to believe in verified channels, and the fact that they are recognized as such significantly contributes to the growth of these channels.

There are several important changes in the verification process as well as the appearance on these channels.

The first thing to note is that rather than the badge that shows a check YouTube will be a sign of verified channels in the following manner:

Beyond the aesthetic shift there are other significant shifts.

The past was when every channel required at least one hundred thousand subscribers before being awarded the sought-after certification badge. This is no longer the case.

Since January 1st, 2022 the number of users isn’t the only test to determine whether a channel can be validated.

YouTube will now look at every channel that earns the required number of subscribers before deciding whether they should grant them the new name of YouTube Creator.

YouTube must verify that the channel that is being run by a genuine person public or artist and that its name isn’t identical to other well-known YouTube channels; this is the process that YouTube refers to as the authenticity test.

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A confirmed channel means one which YouTube considers to be complete.
The channel should be visible with a complete description, a channel icon, and showcase content that could be on YouTube.

To start your application, go this link and complete the required information.

Guideline For The Video Thumbnail:

The smart YouTube creators have come up with ways to make their videos appear more prominent using the title as well as their the thumbnail (i.e. the image displayed above the video’s title).

The most successful titles are typically simpler and easy to click example Is Meat Unhealthy? THE TRUTH ABOUT EATING MEAT.

This can help videos be more prominent in Google. The thumbnail (usually the first thing viewers are attracted by) will be able to answer that question, and tell viewers what they can expect to see when they click on the video.

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The number YouTube play buttons do you have?

There are five types of YouTube play buttons. These play buttons differ based on the number of subscribers. YouTube users who reach the YouTube who reach the subscriber count must apply to the YouTube forum.

Although not all thumbnails offer this powerful double punch however, they all are geared toward enticing users to click them.

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How do you get the Silver Play Button on YouTube?

Reach a particular milestone for subscribers:

  1. Silver: When you hit 100,000 subscribers.
  2. Gold: When you hit 1,000,000 subscribers.
  3. Diamond: When you have reached 10,000,000 subscribers.
  4. Red Diamond: when you have reached 100 million subscribers.

YouTube has made a decision to take a harder line on custom thumbnails. In addition to the more obvious no-no’s (custom thumbnails that contain pornographic images or violent images) The thumbnails can’t be misleading users into thinking they’re watching something that’s not included in the video.

The second category is somewhat ambiguous. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on popular YouTubers who have videos that are prohibited. The bannings (especially those who deal with the polarizing issues in politics) are a major topic on the web, and they’ll be simple to follow. Make sure your creativity and creativity doesn’t end up with you being in trouble.

Famous YouTube stars frequently learn Photoshop skills to design customized, striking thumbnails.
If you’re in search of an no-cost YouTube Thumbnail Maker then try Banner snack the chance. You can pick from their templates gallery of thumbnails designed by professional artists or, when you’re feeling a bit artistic, you can design your own designs using their user-friendly editor.Here’s a sample of YouTube thumbnails you can make at no cost using Banner snack.


2022 has been an uncertain season in the world of YouTube along with its makers who want to earn money YouTube. With numerous creators flocking onto social media platforms to express their displeasure and uncertainty about the implications of the updated guidelines YouTube had to respond. There have been several changes made to the obscure clauses in the long guidelines.

However, a sense of uncertainty is felt by those who depend on YouTube as their primary method for dispersing their content. The guidelines for 2022 on YouTube (which appear to be in continuous state of change) can be very difficult. The content you upload to YouTube could be easily demonetized or removed. We recommend that you stay up to date regarding YouTube’s guidelines for community members..

The search for alternative options to video search giant is now an issue that is more urgent.

Expect companies to start increasing their reliance on the private host platforms. The necessity to be free of YouTube’s unclear guidelines and terms of service as well as distinct analytics and leads-generation capabilities will likely result in an upsurge in companies selecting private companies.

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