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Why Should You Write for Us Sports?

Currently, we are working on sports niches and publishing sports content in the market. We believe in serving our readers with the best content and SEO-friendly blogs and providing them unique and quality content with authentic information that can benefit our audience.

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Sports Guest Post
Why Should You Write for Us Sports?

What kind of Content does Guerilla post demand?

You can submit your content before reading your demands. We appreciate your interest here, but what we want from you will be best for you, and we hope it is beneficial to you. We prefer high-quality content that gets a massive amount of traffic. Your content must be free from grammatical mistakes, and a hundred per cent unique content is our priority. Choose your topics wisely, like what is trending nowadays or what is most searched and try to provide their demand. The title should be eye-catching, and based on niche requirements, things are not acceptable out of content.

Guerilla Post Major Requirements

Guerilla Post is focused on Some major sports: Football and tennis, cricket, climbing and squash. Make sure that your essay is focused on one of these sports.

Guidelines to submit your guest post

  • We are willing to publish your content via your website. Still, we want you to submit your content to a relevant niche as you are here for sports, so content should be related to sports, and given information should be authentic and not any cheap content accepted.
  • This platform is to reach your content to a considerable amount of audience, so self-promotion is prohibited. 
  • Mostly we don’t limit our content, but we request our writers to write quality content and justify topics adequately.
  • Images and videos intensify the beauty of content, but violating anyone’s copyright and sending pictures and videos to us are not accepted as we demand original content. For images and videos, our guidelines are the same.
  • For submission, please email us at

Write for us Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  1. Accepted Formats: All those formats which allow us to copy and paste the content are supported on our blog. Users are welcome to send documents in various forms like Google Docs, Dropbox papers, PowerPoint Presentations, Word Documents, and other formats. Ensure that the document you’re sending us isn’t being secured.
  2.  Point of Submission: Users are free to submit their work via emails sent to the official address of our email. If you’re employing Google Docs for writing up your content, then you can include the same Google Docs link in your email, too.
  3. Formatting the post: The guest post is required to be correctly formatted. It must be accompanied by headings and subheadings, hyperlinks, and other crucial parts like the introduction and the conclusion. We strongly recommend the use of numbers and bullet points, if needed.
  4. Editing Information: We own the right to modify your guest blog post if we find grammar errors, spelling mistakes, or other formatting problems. Additionally, we can alter your headings, subheadings, or the title in the guest post in question if we believe it is inappropriate.For submission, please email us at
Guest Post Sports
Write for us Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Some of The Most Powerful Features You Can Utilise To Draw Readers in:

  • Always make sure to use custom designs in your web content.
  • Be sure to make your content SEO-friendly Always.
  • Create your own article to create a layout that is quickly responsive to mobile websites.
  • The piece should be high-performance.
  • Your article must be accessible to readers in terms of language and approach.
  • Always utilise the sports words to help us.

How to submit an article to us?

Contacting us isn’t an issue. Users are welcome to send their guest posting pitches and even submit their content directly. Make sure that the guest post you submit follows our guidelines to improve the chance of being published on our website.

Send us your content to us through provided email address(mention email )

Review Content For Guest Post

This is all about our guidelines for guest posts. We take great care when choosing the content to be posted to our site. We verify whether the contents are high quality and their originality before publishing it.

If you’re planning to publish your guest post on this blog, be sure you follow the guidelines correctly. We typically receive numerous guest post requests on our blog, which is why it may take about two or three days to finish a review of your post.

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