Our website is a source of digital games, such as the most recent gaming, Crypto Games, and Console Games that are currently hot on and that are currently hot on the world. Gaming is always seeking skilled writers to join our family. We only ask that you write about things you love to write about. We’ve got the perfect platform for you if you want to create opinion articles, analyse the most recent breaking news, give helpful advice and guides, or write informative reviews.

Are you a genuine gamer who likes to spend most of the day playing PC video games but also likes to share his opinions with a larger public? If you’re a skilled gamer with a deep knowledge of games and gamers, you’ve got the chance to be included in GamesGuerilla (a considerable site for players), and a vast number of avid gamers will be reading your articles. We’re always looking for talented writers to write articles for us related to the subjects they’re interested in and offer quality content to visitors.

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Are you aware of any interest in the game?

If you’re dedicated enough to the games, you play and have developed a fascinating game and would like others to be able to play it too. If so, the Gaming platform is just a few clicks away from helping you. It’s a fantastic way to market your game and make it known to others. On this site, you can publish a guest blog about gaming and nft and let the public know of your awesome game.

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What is Write For Us?

A write for us is an article you submit to us at the beginning with your name and your preference for a gaming topic. We review the article and evaluate whether your enthusiasm for gaming matches ours. If so, we’ll modify your blog post if required and then publish it on our site with your name. Based on the content you provide, it could get tens, hundreds and even thousands of readers across the globe. We will contact you and invite you to join our team for further endeavours.

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Why Should You Write For Us?

Content creators and bloggers who are interested can contribute to our content on gaming tech, gadgets, and other technologies. If you are interested in writing and can create engaging, valuable, and high-quality content, then the Games will be the perfect place.

Why Should You Write For Us?

What we want from you is once you begin writing the article, you keep the audience and Search Engine in your mind and write the content by this. To ensure that we all receive the maximum benefit from your blog posts, make sure you professionally publish them.

However, there are some benefits that you can enjoy if you play in the gaming industry:

  • Your post can be read and shared by a large crowd on our platform, which enjoys playing video games and is a part of our gaming communities.
  • You’ll be paid each time your writing is published and accepted on our website.
  • You’ll be an authentic source of information on gaming to thousands of gamers.
  • Your writing abilities will improve, and your knowledge will increase by two over time.
  • You don’t need to worry about how to promote your content. We’ll handle it for you and post your content across every social channel.
  • To aid in your SEO efforts, you’re also permitted to include up to two hyperlinks to your site or other products.
  • What will show your work to our readership comprising millions of adult gamers?
  • We’ll manage the marketing of your article (though you’re more than welcome to do the same);
  • We’re at ease – there are no deadlines to be met, and we believe that the real world should always take precedence over all else;
  • You’ll be given free games to play;
  • You could earn money for writing through your advertising or affiliate marketing business.
  • Once you submit a blog article to us, the post’s popularity will be evident.

Gaming Audiences Targeted

We have a specific gaming community that could benefit more from your experience. If you’re interested in games, you can write to us and tell us about your experience. As a guest writer, you’ll also be taught how you can write games-related content more effectively, specifically for gamers.

Gaming Audiences Targeted

Create Your Site Authority

If you are a gaming fan, please write to us to establish your website’s credibility. You can be a professional and provide valuable information on specific gaming topics. If your material is original and valuable, you can increase your website’s authority.

Be part of the conversation around your company.

You can promote your business if you are passionate about playing games and writing for us. The appropriate type of content can bring you exposure and feedback for your business.

The objective of Write for us Games

Our primary goal is to offer the best information about the most loved game by players. We provide the best opportunity to provide an excellent platform for you to share your opinions or ideas regarding a specific game. It is possible to introduce an exciting game to your audience. Our goal is to ensure that everyone must be aware of current games and possess an understanding of what games are trendy today.

objective of Write for us Games

Additionally, our website gives users access to find out what’s happening in the gaming world and what games are gaining popularity with the public. It’s a great platform to write about gaming or introduce any game to people. It is possible to write guest blogs or blogs about your most loved game, and you can upload them to our website if you think of some game that you find interesting.

We want to be the platform for people to inform about the gaming industry. Our website is prepared to inform readers of the entire information regarding the world of gaming, and consequently, you can join our blog team and help to improve the world as a place. Your well-informed and exciting blog will satisfy people who read it and put an enormous smile on their faces.

We make writing about Video Games As Simple as We Can.

Write about fun games. We only demand a few of our writers. There are no quotas that are too high to be met, and you don’t have to write a review or article every day, each week or even every single month. The real world should always be first.

We don’t also expect writers to focus on anything in particular. You can compose articles about PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro games, or anything else you’re interested in. We’d like you to write about the things you’d like to be famous for, not to be confined to a particular genre that isn’t your own.

We expect and require you to see written, honest, and well-written articles you are proud of. It’s also helpful to remember that the people who read our blog are mostly adult gamers.

Submission Post Guidelines to Follow for Content 

Submission Post Guidelines to Follow for Content 

For a guest article, ensure that you select the area you’ve mastered in. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a console game or something as complex as a cryptocurrency game. Ensure that you are familiar with the subject you’ve chosen. This will allow you to present inaccessible information to the reader with a captivating style and increase your odds of being selected to be published. Here’s an overview of all the points you need to be aware of before making your guest post available for submission:

  • Your content must be informative and possess clarity of thought.
  • It must be relevant to the subject. The topic you choose should be captivating and also instructive.
  • It should contain at least 700plus up to 1500 words.
  • Before uploading blogs to our website, ensure that they have been verified grammatically and passed through a plagiarism checker.
  • Only Grammarly-proofed content is accepted.
  • We recommend using photos or videos of excellent quality. What should require every article to include images or videos of top quality? Be sure to mention the source of the image when necessary, and ensure that What previously used it in any other way. Photos or videos must be under the creative commons license.
  • To increase the quality of your content, including a high-quality and relevant image at the end of each 100 words. It will also make an interruption the length of your article.
  • Include relevant links by search engines that provide benefits to the users. Links that are not relevant for the sake of adding links are not considered to be a good idea. Making sure that you add links with the correct anchor links is essential. We do not rule out DA or PA links, but they must be constructed following the search engines.
  • Be sure only to send us content that has severe spelling and grammar mistakes. We will reject it.
  • Use a blog’s theme when creating content.
  • If you have any queries regarding uploading your content or anything else, email us at guerillapostpk@gmail.com.

Find Gaming Topics you can write for us

Find Gaming Topics you can write for us
  • Online Gaming
  • Downloading Games
  • NFT Games
  • Reviews
  • PC & Mobile Gaming
  • Crypto Games
  • Console Gaming
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Game Solutions
  • Crack & Installation
  • Comparison
  • Designing & Development Of Games

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