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Ubqari Laboratories has an organisational goal to offer genuine herbal medicines to patients.
As of today, Ubqari Laboratories is proud to have developed more than 100 different products covering a wide range of illnesses, ailments, and illnesses.

It is crucial to realize that the human body’s illness, ailments or ailments result from Allah (SWT) or due to a person’s own fault.

Always first seek Allah (SWT) to seek relief,
first by making an offer of Nafl prayer to Allah (SWT) for assistance as well as forgiveness (offer two Rakahs in the form of Salat-ul-Hajat as well as Salat-ul-maghfira). If your budget allows you, donate in charity (Sadqa) for a needy person (try to find the most vulnerable person that you can). Take a moment to pray (Zikr) and, then according to the practice (Sunnah) by the prophet (PBUH) begin treatment.

Ubqari Laboratories Registered medicines are the following

Ubqari online pharmacy for prescriptions

Ubqari laboratories are organized with an purpose to offer traditional herbal remedies to patients. Ubqari laboratories are delighted to establish more than 110 medicinal products for a broad range of diseases and illnesses.

It is a major realization that human diseases are because of ALLAH will or an individual’s negligence.

Different online store

Different Store has all kinds of Ubqari medicine in one place. We offer any kind of Ubqari medicine that is authentic and comes with an 100% guarantee of purity. We offer a variety of Ubqari medications like blood pressure Shifa, Sattar shifain, pathri dialysis and thandi murad.

Ubqari Dawakhana Medicines

We also have hepatitis program, Hazim Khas, banafshi Qehwa, mahram Sakun, the karamati tail, and many more. Therefore, you can buy any item with just one phone call.

ubqari medicines

ubqari Different online store provides many different medicines. We have been serving customers for a several years. Different business grows every day. Today, we are the most renowned retail pharmacy store in Pakistan that has its own presence in Karachi and across Pakistan.

Ubqari medications and illnesses

The medicines cause with pain and quickly make the patient healthier. The majority of these medications are made up of oil best health happy, powder and syrup. Certain details about the medicines are listed below.

1. Sattar shifayain, johar shifa e madina

Sattar shifayain, johar shifa e madina
  • These medications are utilized to treat lung cancer.

Directions period

  • Use sattar-shifain in your mouth each hour throughout the day.
  • Make use of the medicine according to the instructions in the prescription.

Best Treatment period

  • Make use of the medicine for a few months or weeks.

2. Fishari or blood pressure reduction

Fishari or blood pressure reduction
  • Useful for treatment of high blood pressure.

Directions period

  • Follow the directions.
  • The dosage of medication may be reduced or increased based on the condition.
  • If the medicine used brought an improvement in the condition, it indicates that it is a sign that the disease is resurfacing as natural cures.

Best Treatment period

  • Make use of the medicine for a couple of days or a few weeks.

3. Khoon Safaa, Thandi Mujaad and marham sakoon

Khoon Safaa
  • The medicine is used to treat acne, pimples on the face as well as allergies, freckles and acne.

Directions period

  • Apply a small amount of marham sakoon to your face during the the morning and in the at night.
  • Make sure you follow the prescription on paper.
  • The dosage of medicine may vary based on circumstances.

Best Treatment period

  • Use sakoon marham to cover days or weeks.

4. Ankh shifa, johar shifa e madina, roshan dimagh

Ankh shifa, johar shifa e madina, roshan dimagh
  • The medicine is used in the treatment of eye problems like week sight.

5. Marham sakoon

Marham sakoon
  • For cracked lips.

6. Hazim Khaas, Thandi Muraad

Hazim Khaas, Thandi Muraad
  • For stomach gas, gas, and indigestion troubleshooting.

7. Hepatitis nijat syrup, hepatitis course

Hepatitis nijat syrup, hepatitis course
  • It is used to treat hepatitis, the enlargement and contraction of the liver, cancer of the liver ascites.

8. Nojawan rog course

Nojawan rog course
  • The medicine is used to treat bladder heat and issues with adult treatment.

9. Shifa e hairat, banafshi qehwa

  • This ubqari medicine is used to treat of tonsillitis.
Shifa e hairat, banafshi qehwa:

10. Tib-e-Nabvi hair oil khoon safaa

Tib-e-Nabvi hair oil khoon safaa
  • It is used to treat hair loss, damaged hair and dandruff.

We stock all kinds of Ubqari medicines available at our shop. In case you’ve got any queries regarding medicines, please contact us. We’re always here to help.

Conclusion: Quality and delivery:

We work all day and night exclusively to serve our customers. We offer 100% authentic and authentic medicines to both our international and local customers. We offer our products with a seven days returnable guarantee. We will provide you with rapid delivery according to your requirements. We will provide every detail of the product and the shipment. For more information, please go to Different site such as daraz and many websites delivered then contact us.

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