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Top 25 Best Malls in America: The Top 25 Malls List

Best Malls in America: The Best Shopping Across the Country:

Beware, this list will cause you to pull open your wallet. This list contains top malls in America we provide 25 top malls that can make the most tight-lipped shoppers relax their purses. The malls listed on this list have everything from designer brands to family-owned stores that are all in one location.

A lot of the malls Story and listed here provide a bit more such as trolleys, light shows amusement parks for entertainment, and eateries in abundance – making window shopping enjoyable .

Furthermore, many mall stores offer online shops , which provide additional shopping choices. Therefore, you might consider checking out our top list of sites for clothing, the top shoe websites, and the top online shopping websites to get greater shopping options. Enjoy shopping!

Top 25 Malls in America:

The Grove Mall: The Grove Mall (Official link)

Location: Los Angeles, California

MallHighlights: Free Electric Trolley, Stylish High-End Shops, Known for Having Hollywood Celebrities as Shoppers

About the Mall It is home to the Grove Trolley with its free electric trolley. The Grove shopping mall is an easy walk. With numerous stylish and luxury shops to choose from customers can take advantage of the latest fashion trends. Hollywood celebrities are frequently seen browsing the trendy stores at The Grove. If you enjoy people-watching and shopping more, The Grove could be the place the place for you. Mall

King of Prussia Mall: King of Prussia Mall (Official link)

Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

MallHighlights: Largest Mall on the East Coast

About the Mall It is a mere drive away from this city known for its brotherly affections The King of Prussia Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in the East coast. A myriad of restaurants and shops make this mall a must to go. In addition, it is close to other popular shopping destinations as well as it’s clear that the King of Prussia Mall is an absolute must.

Sawgrass Mills Mall: Sawgrass Mills Mall (Official link)

Location: Sunrise, Florida

MallHighlights: Over 350 Different Stores to Shop At

The Mall’s Information: Sawgrass Mills is the largest value and outlet center in the United States. There more than 350 stores in Sawgrass Mills. The air-conditioned, enclosed mall makes sure you’re comfortable even in Florida hot summer months. Shopping for luxury is also possible in the adjoining Colonnade Outlets, which features more than 70 stores of the highest quality.

Oakbrook Center: Oakbrook Center (Official link)

Location: Oakbrook, Illinois

MallHighlights: 180+ Stores, Full-Service Restaurants Selections

About the Mall located just a short trip away from Chicago city center and the Oakbrook Center has 180 stores. In addition to shopping, you’ll be able to enjoy several restaurants that are full-service and cafes. If you are looking for a mixture of traditional shopping and exclusive stores, Oakbrook Center is an excellent option for people located in the Chicago region.

Garden State Plaza: Garden State Plaza (Official link)

Location: Paramus, New Jersey

MallHighlights: Luxury Brands Available, Large Selection of Food Choices

About the Mall It is located at Paramus, New Jersey, only 20 minutes away of Manhattan, Garden State Plaza is an Westfield mall. Designer brands such as Armani as well as Gucci are available and there are also mid-priced options like Banana Republic. A variety of food options are offered in Garden State Plaza. This all comes together to create Garden State Plaza an excellent option for those looking to have everything.

Roosevelt Field Mall: Roosevelt Field Mall (Official link)

Location: Garden City, New York

MallHighlights: More than 250 Specialty Stores, The Dining District, AMC Movie Theater

The Mall is anchored by stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus along with Bloomingdale’s, Roosevelt Field also boasts more than 250 specialty stores. There is also an extensive dining District with various great dining options to pick from. Last but not last is the AMC theater is also situated in The mall. This makes it possible go shopping, dine and watch a film all within one spot.

Woodfield Mall: Woodfield Mall (Official link)

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

MallHighlights: Features Over 300 Stores and Restaurants

The Mall’s Information: Centered in Schaumburg, Illinois, Woodfield Mall serves the Great Lakes region of Illinois. More than 300 restaurants and stores are located at Woodfield Mall, making this massive mall a fantastic alternative for those looking to shop all day long.

Fashion Square Mall: Fashion Square Mall (Official link)

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

MallHighlights: More than 200 Stores, Premium Brands, Plenty of Dining Options

About the Mall It has more high-end boutiques than every other shopping mall located in Arizona, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall is a must for fashion-conscious shoppers. The mall has around 200 retail stores including top brands like Burberry and Escada and the usual favorites such as Zara as well as Crate & Barrel. There are dining options that include popular restaurants like Kona Grill and Yard House.

Palisades Center: Palisades Center (Official link)

Location: West Nyack, New York

MallHighlights: Four Levels of Shopping With Over 200 Stores, Dining and Entertainment Options

About the Mall with four levels and more than 200 stores in total, the Palisades Center is a true shopping spot. There are a variety of entertainment and dining choices available. Therefore, make sure you have the whole day here to get the complete experience.

Lakewood Center: Lakewood Center (Official link)

Location: Lakewood, California

MallHighlights: Large Selection of Shopping Favorites, Over 30 Different Dining Options

About the Mall It is located from Long Beach, California, the Lakewood Center has a number of shopping options that are popular. You can shop at shops such as Macy’s, Target, Bath & Body Works and The Disney Store. There are more than 30 dining options also on offer in the mall, including the most popular ones such as Red Robin and California Pizza Kitchen.

South Shore Plaza: South Shore Plaza (Official link)

Location: Braintree, Massachusetts

MallHighlights: Features 200+ Shops, 10 Full-Service Restaurants

About the Mall as part of the larger Boston region, South Shore Plaza, situated within Braintree, MA, is one of the top Massachusetts shopping spot. The mall’s two levels are home to stores such as Nordstrom, Apple, Coach and J. Crew. In all, South Shore Plaza has more than 200 stores. It also features 10 restaurants that are fully-serviced, such as The Cheesecake Factory, and Dave and Busters highlight the options.

The Shops at Columbus Circle: The Shops at Columbus Circle (Official link)

Location: New York City, New York

MallHighlights: More than 50 retail shops and boutiques Best-Quality Dining

About the Mall The Stores of Columbus Circle are located at the entry point to Central Park in New York City. These stores offer the finest dining, shopping and entertainment options across the country. An array of more than 50 shops and boutiques are on display at The Shops and as well as an array of high-end eating options. If you’re ever in NYC take a trip to The Shops an option!

Bellagio Shops: Bellagio Shops (Official link)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Mall Highlights: Designer Boutiques, Bellagio Signature Shops

About this Mall The Bellagio Shops: Luxury shopping in the best way The Bellagio Shops is a Las Vegas attraction in its own right. Designer boutiques as well as Bellagio famous shops like Chanel as well as Fendi are on offer. So , put the money you won from your casino to good use and go for some retail shopping within The Bellagio Shops.

Tysons Corner Center: Tysons Corner Center (Official link)

Location: Tysons Corner, Virginia

MallHighlights: Features More than 300 shops, IMAX 3D Theater, A Variety of Dining Options

About the Mall situated just to the to the west to Washington D.C., Tysons Corner Center is a renowned eating, shopping and entertainment location. With over 300 shops are located in the mall, you’ll be able to shop in shops such as Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. A cinema that has IMAX 3D and a number of dining options are accessible.

Del Amo Fashion Center: Del Amo Fashion Center (Official link)

Location: Torrance, California

MallHighlights: Premier Shopping at Over 200 Shops

About the Mall: Located within Torrance, California, Del Amo Fashion Center is the premier South Bay retail destination. It is characterized by Southern California chic design, the mall has more than 200 shops. The top shopping destinations include Kate Spade, New York, Macy’s along with Z Gallerie. If you are located further south than Los Angeles, this is the ideal shop.

Destiny USA Mall: Destiny USA Mall (Official link)

Location: Syracuse, New York

MallHighlights: Features Retail and Outlets Brands, High-Speed Go-Karts, Quality Dining Options

The details of This Mall: Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY, is the ultimate shopping destination. outlets and retail brands are plentiful in this. Alongside shopping, there’s high-quality entertainment (40 MPH go-karts?) and a lively nightlife. Some of the most sought-after stores are Apple, Coach, and Nordstrom Rack. Additionally, there are dining options such as places such as Margaritaville as well as Texas de Brazil.

illcreek Mall: Millcreek Mall (Official link)

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

MallHighlights: Large Selection of Shops, Restaurants, Children’s Play Area

About the Mall: Millcreek Mall offers an array of shops, outlets, restaurants as well as a kids’ play area. It’s located between major city in Pittsburgh, PA, and Cleveland, Ohio. Therefore, if you’re in Cleveland, Ohio or the Erie, Pennsylvania area and seeking to do some fantastic retail shopping Millcreek Mall will not surprise you.

Mall of America: Mall of America (Official link)

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

MallHighlights: The Biggest Mall in the US, Over 500 Stores, Indoor Amusement Park

about this Mall: No list of the top malls in America is incomplete without the Mall of America. The largest shopping mall of the US that is that is Mall of America, has more than 500 shops and the indoor park. A wide selection of high-end restaurants enhance this Mall of America’s charm. makes the Mall of America the one of the most desirable places to visit in Minnesota and across the nation.

The Mall at Short Hills: The Mall at Short Hills (Official link)

Location: Milburn, New Jersey

MallHighlights: Upscale Shops, Tax-Free Clothing Purchases

Information about This Mall: The Mall at Short Hills has everything from famous stores like J.Crew to more expensive stores such as Gucci. Additionally, shoppers can benefit from shopping tax-free for clothing, since New Jersey is one of the few states that do not tax sales on clothing. With the mall being one hour away from Manhattan and the New Jersey Mall, you can do shopping and sightseeing completed within a single day.

Ala Moana Center: Ala Moana Center (lOfficial ink)

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

MallHighlights: World’s Largest Open-Air Shopping Center

About the Mall It is the Ala Moana Center is the largest open-air shopping mall in the world. It’s also a bonus to be located in a picture-perfect location in Honolulu. Ala Moana was recently undergoing major expansions as well and has become more appealing to people who love to shop. If you’re located in Hawaii and you are able to tear yourself away from the beach for a short time then you must visit the Ala Moana Center is a necessity for shopping.

Aventura Mall: Aventura Mall (Official link)

Location: Aventura, Florida

MallHighlights: Features Over 300 Stores, Top-Notch Gym, Movie Theater, Three Separate Spas

About the Mall: Just an hour’s drive between Miami as well as Fort Lauderdale, Aventura Mall is home to more than 300 stores. There is also a top-of-the-line cinema, gym as well as three different spas too. This is all going make Aventura Mall a place that you’ll want to come again and again.

Fashion Show Mall: Fashion Show Mall (Official link)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

MallHighlights: Upscale Clothing Stores, Regular Live Runway Shows

About this mall: Vegas is known for its shopping which is why it’s no surprise that the Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas is not a disappointment. The shops range from budget-friendly choices to high-end luxury clothing stores. The mall also hosts regular live runway shows , and is ideally located right near the center on the Strip.

South Coast Plaza: South Coast Plaza (Official link)

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Mall Highlights: 300+ Shops, Luxury Boutiques

About this Mall: A Orange County shopper’s haven, South Coast Plaza consistently pulls in some of the biggest numbers of sales for any shopping mall within the United States. More than 300 restaurants and shops are situated in the plaza with boutiques of the highest quality abounding. If you’re looking for the finest in California fashion, South Coast Plaza is the perfect spot.

The Mall at Millenia: The Mall at Millenia (lOfficial ink)

Location: Orlando, Florida

MallHighlights: Large Selection of Shops, Close to Other Outlet Malls

About the Mall The mall was constructed in 2002 and located an hour’s drive to Walt Disney World, The Mall at Millenia is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The mall is expected to have a range of stores. In addition, its location near Orlando’s other popular shopping areas make The Mall at Millenia an excellent place to shop.

The Galleria: The Galleria (link)

Location: Houston, Texas

MallHighlights: Over 400 Shops and Restaurants, Two Hotels, Luxury Shops

About the mall: This Galleria has everything – more than 400 eateries and shops Three office towers and two hotels to be precise. Designer shops such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier are present, as are cheaper stores. If you want a unique and one-of-a exceptional retail experience The Galleria should not be avoided.

Best Malls in America Conclusion

There are plenty of wonderful places to shop however none compares to the malls listed on this list. If you are close enough to go for a short trip , or plan to visit one while in vacation, we suggest that you make this list of most popular malls in America an essential consideration in terms of shopping.

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