5 Do’s And Don’ts For Quick Summer Silky Smooth Shaving At Home

30-Second Summary

  • If you follow the right tips, shaving in the summer will make your skin silky smooth. 
  • Shaving in the summer can last over 3 hours since you must work on the legs, arms, face, and the bikini line. 
  • Always take a warm shower lasting about 10 minutes before shaving to make your skin soft and let your hair stand. You’ll shave smoothly without cuts, scratches, and bumps on your skin.
  • Never shave dry skin or bask in the sun after shaving to avoid sunburn and cracked skin.
  • Use skin moisturizers, sunscreen creams, and skin brighteners for smooth skin if the natural tips fail your skin.

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Silky Smooth Shaving Tips for Summer


It’s summertime. The sun is too hot. You can’t keep all your clothes on throughout without exposing your skin. Throughout winter, you wore heavy clothes that made hair grow on your skin. In any case, you don’t care since you didn’t have to expose your skin. But, now that summer is here, you must shave your hair for silky smooth skin. 

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Still, shaving gives your skin a polished look beyond the bikini line. But, you must shave carefully to remove ingrown hairs and avoid razor burns, cuts, and bumps. It takes time to work on your legs, arms, and other parts you expose. Sometimes, you may take over 2 hours to shave carefully for that satin silky smooth skin. Fortunately, dermatologists give shaving tips to help you get flawless smooth skin within minutes. Otherwise, you must use top-rated skin brighteners to brighten or lighten your skin if you shave wrongly.

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5 Do’s For Silky Smooth Shaving Tips For Summer 

  1. Relax Your Skin When Shaving 

Always relax as you shave, though it’s hard to reach some body parts. In such cases, pull the skin taut to make it easier to shave for better results. But, keep your skin relaxed, though it may help allow the blade to move around on your skin.

  1. Shave After You Shower

Showering softens and relaxes your hair, especially a warm bath. Soft and relaxed hair is easier to shave and leaves your skin smooth and soft. So, pick your razor immediately after a warm shower.

  1. Use A Razor With Multiple Blades

Experts say that more shaving blades may be better for shaving smoothly. In essence, many blades improve the cutting efficiency since each shaving blade captures almost every hair as it glides over your skin. Plus, multiple blades provide a close shave and reduce friction with the skin. Besides, many shaving blades lift the hair allowing cutting of each hair strand nearer to the shaft.

  1. Exfoliate Your Skin Before Shaving

Get rid of dead skin cells first to avoid clogging your blade and prevent close shaves. You may use a rough cloth, brush, or exfoliating gloves in the shower. Skin exfoliation makes shaving easier and safer after you shower. And, it’s wise to exfoliate the skin daily to avoid ingrown hairs caused by hair curling under your skin. It will help you get flawless & perfect skin after you shave.

  1. Change Razors Regularly

While you can re-use some razors, it’s wise to change razors after some time. Blunt razors will easily goosebump your skin, making it coarse and dull. Used razors may also be unsafe and give you infections. Always sterilize your razor if you have taken some time before use. 

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5 Don’ts For Silky Smooth Shaving Tips For Summer 

  1. Don’t Shave And Then Jump Into Salty Water Or Ocean.

Salty ocean water or water in a swimming pool with too much chlorine affects your shaved skin. Salt will get into your cracked, shaved skin. And it will irritate and make the skin dry. So, dermatologists advise you to shave the night before going for a swim the following day.

  1. Don’t Shave Before You Shower.

Many dermatologists suggest shaving after a lengthy warm shower. Warm showers produce steam to open the skin pores, soften the hair, and make the hair stand upright for a close shave. Studies say warm water makes the hair soft by 30%. So, spend a few minutes in the shower before you shave. Shaving after a warm bath helps prevent razor burns and skin scratches.

  1. Never Shave A Dry Skin 

Your skin will get irritated and cut if you dry-shave. Also, dry-shaving prevents skin exfoliation. So, soften your skin first through a warm bath lasting over 10 minutes before shaving. Your hair will stand, and your skin will be soft, ready for a perfect shave. Still, you can regularly use a skin moisturizer to soften your skin.

  1. Don’t Vask Too Long In The Sun.

Shaving makes your skin sensitive to sunburn. Direct sun can damage your skin. So, if you shave, wait for about 24 hours before sprawling under the sun with your skin exposed. If you must bask, wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Dermatologists advise you to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

An example is Perbelle cc cream with SPF 43 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sun protection. Still, you should apply sunscreen after swimming or sweating for better skin. The Health web magazine says Perbelle cream also helps color correction and hide skin flaws. Also, it keeps the skin well hydrated even after shaving. 

  1. Don’t Use Soap When Shaving.

If you want to get flawless & perfect skin with this skincare routine, never use soap when shaving. Essentially, soap has ingredients that make your skin dry. And some soaps may make your razor blades dull. Instead of soap, use a skin conditioner, coconut oil, or thick body cream. Specifically, creams will help prevent painful cuts, ingrown hairs, and scratches. But, if you use shaving cream, go for a thick one to moisturize your skin and leave it soft.

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You can take a few minutes to shave and still get silky smooth skin in the summer. The trick is to take a warm shower before shaving, use a razor with multiple blades, and change your razors regularly. Also, exfoliate your skin and relax your skin as you shave. But, don’t shave dry skin, swim in salty water after a shave, or use soap during a shave. And, never shave before you shower or bask in the sun immediately after a shave. If you must bask in the sun immediately after shaving, use sunscreen like Perbelle cc cream to shield your skin from sunburns and cracked skin.

According to the Health Web magazine, applying skin creams will keep your skin moist, prevent skin bumps, and color correction. Still, it says that you may use shaving creams and moisturizers before shaving if your skin is dry, even after a hot shower.

If all fails, and your skin remains ugly and dull, you may use top-rated skin brighteners to make it better. Fortunately, your dermatologist will suggest skin brighteners that suit your skin since people react differently to different skin brighteners.

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