Rainbow Moonstone: A Stunning Healing Crystal 

The Rainbow Moonstone is a milky shade gemstone with an iridescent shine. The Rainbow Moonstone is also known as June Birthstone,as people born in June wear it. Crystal named Rainbow Moonstone is a type of Labradorite present in Madagascar.


The rainbow shade crystal displays a light base and multi-colored adularescence (a natural optical effect that looks like the glittering appearance of the moon on a cloudless evening). So, it proves that when light hits the rainbow moonstone, it diffracts within the micro structure of the stone layers. Technically such an effect is known as sheen or schiller.

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The beautiful and vibrant Rainbow Moonstone belongs to the Labradorite feldspar gemstones group. Presence of dazzling light resembling like moon displayed by the gemstone enabled it to name Moonstone. The Moonstone Meaning relates to a sacred gem. In old-age Rome, the Moonstone has solidified rays of moonlight as per the belief.

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As the Rainbow shade crystal connected with the moon, it was associated with instances of the holy Feminine Energy in other cultures. Many ancient Greeks found an association of Moonstone with the goddess Aphrodite. All this made everyone acknowledge that real moonstone represents beauty. The Rainbow shade stone is related to divine feminine ethics.

A highly spiritual gemstone signifies the purity and emotional innocence of youth. In short, the Moonstone epitomizes fertility, intuition, and prosperity. Integrate with such vibes by wearing the moonstone ring of power and witness the transformation in your lifestyle.

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Healing Properties of Rainbow Moonstone

  • Rainbow Moonstone is an impressive healing crystal. The Rainbow Moonstone crystal has a connection with feminine energy, so this means it supports the female reproductive system. Therefore, females should wear Rainbow Moonstone Ring when seeking to conceive, enhancing fertility.
  •  Owning the quality of soothing vibes, the Rainbow Moonstone assists pregnant women in overcoming anxieties or restlessness. The crystal of Rainbow shade enables purifying negative vibrations from the nursery, upgrading the room for the baby’s arrival.
  • The calming vibes of Moon Magic gemstone help the wearer to have a better digestive system, both for adults and kids. One should place the Moonstone in every room to ensure a pleasant cleansing energy flow throughout your home. The Rainbow Moonstone improves and promotes creativity. Ward off all kinds of fears and blockages.
  • Express yourself without fears by styling elegant and timeless moonstone earrings. A wearer of Rainbow Moonstone can speak confidently at public speaking forums by connecting with the audience. Being associated with Moon, the Rainbow Moonstone develops a relaxing vibe that helps you sleep peacefully.
  • One can say undoubtedly, that the Moonstone is an insomnia healer. If nightmares have disturbed your night’s sleep, then use Rainbow Moonstone to eliminate all sorts of negative energies from your physical mind.
  • People who get affected by the lunar cycle; then using Moonstone can assist them in regaining their balance.

Astrological & Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Rainbow Moonstone

The Moonstone is the Modern Birthstone for June month. Rainbow Moonstone crystal resonates properly with Cancer. Cancer is an intuitive and emotionally aware zodiac sign ruled by the Moon.

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  • A. Rainbow Moonstone encourages mental clarity for air signs such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. In addition, the Moonstone shields the crown Chakra from the energies of confusion and insecurities.
  • B. The alluring crystals offer gentle guidance and support. Resonating with the Angelic Realm, the Moonstone can quickly bring air signs to guide and support their angels.
  • C. Moonstone promotes emotional vulnerability and empathy, resulting in a balance between what they feel and think.
  • D. The water signs, including Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are highly intuitive. People with such zodiac signs are sensitive toward the feelings and moods of everyone around them. Moonstone wearers can gain emotional protection from the emotional smog.
  • E. Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are resourceful and highly driven. Rainbow Moonstone channelizes people’s focus on fire zodiac signs as the stunning crystal restores emotional balance while people with fire zodiac signs work hard.
  • F. Rainbow Moonstone is a brilliant, energetic cleanser for Chakras. The Moonstone crystal expels negative energy and improves the active exchange above and below. A wearer of a gorgeous moonstone necklace enables you to connect with higher dimensions
  • G. Energize the energy of divine love by styling  Moonstone.
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