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Merub Ali lifestyle is known for her cute and innocent looksMerub Ali has gained a lot of attention on the internet recently. Merub has appeared in numerous commercials, music videos or dramas. Merub was a former talented model from Pakistani showbizMerub became famous due to the rumours about her marriage in a relationship with Asim Azhar, a renowned artist in our industry. We aren’t sure if the rumours are accurate or not, as they haven’t confirmed the rumours. While this is possible however, there are some solid theories regarding it in the community. This is an entire Merub Ali biography including all information you should be aware of about her.

Merub Ali Age, Height, Biography

  • Merub Ali is a 25 years old Pakistani model,
  • who is currently an actress. 
  • Born on 23rd January, 1996. 
  • She lives in Lahore. 
  • She graduated in her city before moving into a modeling career. 
  • She is blessed with a wonderful family. 
  • Merub is blessed with two siblings who love her and are supportive of her in every decision she makes.
  •  We’ve seen pictures of her together with her mom. 
  • Merub Ali does not have any connection to art or artistic backgrounds. 
  • She was the first actress to enter the showbiz world.

Merub Ali Age

She is 26 years old born in 1996 on 23rd January

Merub Ali Education

Merub Ali completed her graduation from the University of Central Punjab known as UCP in Lahore Pakistan

Merub Ali Dramas

Merub Ali performed amazing work in Sinf-e Aahan

Merub Ali Family, Brother

She is a residence in Lahore and is blessed with a tiny family. Merub’s brothers are always there to help her out with gratitude and love for her choices. Zawair Ali, her younger brother, is a well-known V-logger. Her mother is frequently seen in photos alongside her.

Merub Ali Career: Education & Drama

  • Merub Ali’s professional career started as a model for fashion. 
  • Merub Ali began her career in 2018 as a style models on Instagram. 
  • The model gained quite a bit of attention and her following rose to Nishat Limelight Kayseria, Breakout,
  • One and also in a variety of commercials for mobile phones and clothing. Merub got a boost from Instagram and was able to get a major film in the music video of Sajjad Ali. Merub appeared in a cute role in the song ‘Lagaya Dil’, and fans enjoyed her acting and beauty. 
  • This is when the turns turned and she became increasingly famous with the public.
  • From the year the year 2018,
  • she’s managed to become recognized and has landed a prominent project called Sinf-e-Aahan. 
  • She is now pursuing her acting career by appearing in an acclaimed drama series. TI is among the most sought-after dramas in 2021. 
  • Merub is playing an supporting character alongside Yumna Zaidi. 
  • Merub is playing the role of a Pathan girl who helps her sister’s decision to join the Army. 
  • Merub’s character is as adorable as she is, and her Pashto accent is cute in the initial episode which aired on November 27, 2021.

Merub Ali Engagement with Asim Azhar

Merub Ali’s mother as well as Asim Azhar’s mom are long-time acquaintances, as are their children. Asim as well as Merub are extremely close to one another. They began to appear more frequently following the split between Asim Azhar and Hania Amir. Fans began to anticipate that there was the arrival of a new couple. A mysterious post appeared that revealed the wedding of both. However, Asim negated this rumour by making the clarification public. There isn’t any proof of this, but until the moment, we have only known that they’re good acquaintances since there aren’t any confirmations of the rumors of engagement from either side.

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Merub Ali Birthday Picture With Asim Azhar

Merub Ali Birthday Picture With Asim Azhar

Merub Ali Pictures

Merub Ali Pictures

Merub Ali Drama Pics With Yomna Zaidi

Merub Ali Drama Pics With Yomna Zaidi

Merub Ali Official Instagram

Meruub 776k followers

Merub Ali Official Instagram

Merub Ali Age

Merub Ali Age
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