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Hania Amir And Asim Azhar Affair in The Past

Hania Aamir as well Asim Azhar have been in an affair in the past

A-list actress Hania Amir earlier this month has taken the internet by storm after she denied rumors that she is in a relationship with musician Asim Azhar. A recent video chat with her close acquaintance Aima Baig Hania admitted that she as well as Asim do not have an affair.

In the instance of the video featuring actor Hania Aamir and singer Ashir Wajahat that was viral just two days ago, in which normal people and showbiz stars are also jumping, the singer Asim Azhar participated in the video.

At one time, reports about Asim Azhar’s and Hania Aamir’s romance appeared on media. Photos and videos of the two of them were viral on social media.

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The video Story of Hania Aamir and Ashir Wajahat became viral on June 5 in which she was criticised via social networks, there was speculation that the actress was ending their relationship. Asim Azhar.

The video shows Hania Aamir can be seen laughing in the bed with her 16-year-old brother and her singer Ashir Wajahat.

The video shows Hania Amir is seen in close proximity to singer Ashir Wajahat. Her brother is also visible on the screen.

Hania was seen at Asim’s concert, and fans have theories about the event.

It appears that the actress produced the video in order to entertain her followers however, after the video was viewed by millions the public criticized her and called her look naive and uninspiring.

Hania Aamir had expressed regret for the criticisms of the public.

Hania Aamir had expressed her sadness over her self-criticism when the video became viral on several postings on Instagram on June 5 and 6.

Hania Aamir seemingly targets Asim Azhar in a tweet that is cryptic.

Self-criticism was branded patriarchal and stated that if a man posted the same kind of video or image that he was applauded however the position of women was discolored.


In the following days the singer Ashir Wajahat came out of silence following his criticism of the video, and expressed his regrets about the attitude of people.

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