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dur-e-fishan saleem | Biography | Age | Networth

dur e fishan saleem

Dur-e-Fishan was born in Lahore on 14 January 1996. She is the oldest of four siblingsSaleem ul Hassan, her father, was a PTV producer/directorBefore she began her acting career, she studied law and was also a lawyer for Intellectual Property.

dur e fishan | Lifestyle

  1. Karachi: Lives
  2. Height: 5′ 8″
  3. Education: Has studied Law
  4. Siblings: Has two younger siblings and one older brother
  5. Parents: Saleem Ul Hassan (Father).

dure fishan saleem | biography

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, a Pakistani actress on TV, is her latest project. Her showbiz career began with Dil Ruba. She then appeared in her second drama Bhaas. and now her famous drama Kaisi Teri Khaudgarzi trending in Pakistan on Youtube.

dure fishan father name

dur e fishan saleem is Father name Saleem. Saleem is a PTV Producer.

dur e fishan saleem age

dur e fishan saleem age 26 years in 2022


dur e fishan saleem height

dur e fishan saleem height 6′ 8″

saleem ul hassan

saleem ul hassan father of dur e fishan

kaisi teri khudgarzi actress name

dur e fishan saleem main roll in drama serial with danish taimoor

kaisi teri khudgarzi cast

Cast of kaisi teri khudgarzi | Lead Character Name of Drama Serial

  • Danish Taimoor | Shamsher
  • Dur-e-Fishan Saleem | Mehak
  • Hamad Shoaib | Ahsan

dur-e-fishan saleem Net Worth

dur e fishan saleem in Salary PKR: 2.5 lac from Private Channels.

Dur-e-fishan Saleem Social Media Accounts

Dur-e-fishan Saleem Pics

kaisi teri khudgarzi drama release date

Kaisi Teri Khaudgarzi was started 11/10/2022. It will air every Wednesday at 08:00 pm

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem birthday pics

Dur e Fishan Behined The Scene kaisi teri khudgarzi

dur e fishan husband

dur e fishan is single not married her best friend name Affan Waheed

dur e fishan sister pics

dur-e-fishan saleem family pics

dur-e-fishan saleem with danish taimoor

Mehak and Shamsher in kaisi teri khudgarzi

dur-e-fishan as a mehak and danish as a Shamsher in drama serial kaisi teri khudgarzi

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