Do You Care About My Health, Or Just Think I’m Gross? Be Honest.

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Hi. I’m fat. I’m an in-between. I have a large body, I’m wearing plus size clothes, and my stomach poops out and I’ve got folds of fat on my back, and I have large arms and legs. I still can purchase clothes on the racks of many stores, however.

Don’t be rushed to tell me I’m not that kind of fatties’ or that you’re not talking about me in your rants about how much you are worried about people who are fat, however. We know you’re thinking about me, when you think about fat people my double chin comes to mind, along with my wobbly armpits, my broad thighs within my jeans and my large. I’m fat. It’s okay. You can use it. I’m not having a problem with it.

I’m plagued by problems with my body, however my weight isn’t one of the issues. It’s the way it is. The reasons why I’m overweight are complex and not your concern. Also, I’m unwell, but the reasons for that aren’t yours neither, though I’m sure that you’d like to believe that I’m unfit due to my weight.

  • I don’t have any obligation to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the first place.
  • I’m not under any obligation to to assure that I’m a “good fat’ with a high cholesterol levels and excellent results on health measures which are believed to be connected to weight.
  • I’m not under any obligation to inform you that fat doesn’t correlate with health since I don’t be required justification for the presence of people who are fat by telling you that I don’t know the way that fat bodies function and aren’t familiar with the latest research findings regarding obesity, morbidity, as well as mortality rates, various health indicator and social changes.

Because people who are fat have the right to be in a healthy or unhealthy way and this whole argument about health is a herring. The argument suggests that if overweight people could prove that health and fat don’t go hand in hand and they’d be fine. Society is worried for us and is worried that we’ll fall in the near future, dragging our beautiful minds with our bodies to decay, all because we’re fat and refused to accept personally responsibility for the weight we accumulated.

But here’s the truth the fact is that fat people are entitled to be there, regardless of how healthy they are and their health condition is neither yours nor your concern and is not evidence that can be considered when deciding whether they’re not worthy of consideration. It’s just a feature and one to which many people share a complicated relationship due to the fact that it is socially charged. Your opinion regarding fat is not demanded or needed.

Let me tell you a little bit about being overweight We know that we’re overweight Okay? We’re conscious of the weight listed on the labels of our clothes. We also know the furniture we use. Sometimes we joke about being overweight because the fact that we are overweight is hilarious. Sometimes, being fat can be enjoyable. There are times when we realize that people feel uneasy because of our weight and we’d like to put the tone for them. Sometimes , we feel immense pressure to convince people to treat us as humans which is why we adopt the jolly fat person to turn us into someone who you need to interact with rather than something you would rather not be.

  • Our entire lives hearing about how everyone is concerned for us.
  • Do we not know that fat is harmful?
  • Do we not worry about dying young?
  • Have we spoken with a doctor regarding the amount of fat in our bodies?
  • Have we thought about the effects of exercise and diet?
  • What are the best ways to find a suitable partner?
  • There’s no doubt that you’re not the only person to ask any of these concerns, and it’s likely that you will not become the first.
  • The thing is that when you’re overweight it’s like your body appears to be part of the community, something that everyone is able to discuss.
  • It’s no longer yours as an independent person who can wander around the globe doing what you want to do.

Let me tell you something I believe that between me and you that you should drop the appearance. You’re not concerned regarding my overall health. In the event that health and safety of others were a legitimate issue for you, there would be a greater degree of care about where you let your smoke. You wouldn’t have hit that skateboarder who was who was waiting to cross the street. You’d assist the woman struggling to fill those hefty sacks of chicken scratch from the store selling feed. Cover your mouth whenever you cough, to limit the spread of infectious bacteria.

This isn’t about my overall health in general, nor but about your worries about the loss of society in the event that I die. It’s more about the possibility that you think I’m gross. It’s okay. You’re free to declare that. It’s a common belief that people who are fat are disgusting, and to consider my fat rolls disgusting. It’s a common belief to be disgusted at the appearance of my belly moving in a tight t-shirt and believe that double chins look ugly and disgusting to stare at.

It’s taught that people like me are stupid and slow and don’t have the right to be treated as humans. The idea is that fat, by itself is negative. It requires an enormous amount of effort to break through social pressures and many people attempt to avoid their societal expectations by hiding it behind other things. You’d like to say that you don’t really care about my weight, but you’re simply ‘concerned.’


However, you are concerned regarding my weight. The weight of me is my issue. I’m fat. This is a source of anxiety for you. The fact that I don’t even care about being fat, and don’t really care how you feel about my weight irritates you more. I’m violating the rules. I’d be sorry to admit it but I’m not. “Read also; How Busy Moms Can Lose Weight Quickly “

Tell yourself the truth If you’re the only one has noticed, you’re a bit irritated by your body because you hate it and not because you’re concerned about the health of other people. Then push yourself a bit further: Why is it that fat makes you feel disgusted?

S.E. Smith is an editor and writer that lives at Northern California. The article first appeared on Smith’s personal site This Ain’t Living 18 October 2013.

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