COURAGEOUS dachshund is a website that seems to provide one of the best services of selling healthy dachshund puppies that are only (AKC QUALITY) American Kennel Club, looking at their content. The site claims to provide the buyers with the puppies chosen by their experts as a perfect match for them. Their service includes the health warranty of the puppies. 

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All these promising claims, But their customers have negative reviews. 

People over social media have shared their stories of getting scammed by the site. The reviews given to the site are clearly a red signal not to buy from them. And not only this, But there are several facts about the site that make it not to be promising at all. So if you are planning on buying from them, following are the facts about the sight that might make you change your mind. 

  • There is no provided business address and official contact or any number at all. A promising site provides an official contact in order to provide the best services to their customers. 
  • No social media presence. A site having as promising claims as Courageous Dachshund not having a social media presence makes it suspicious. There is no way to contact them or look for them except the site itself. Gives grounds to questions.
  • No origin country mentioned. This may not be a big deal to many but do consider, why would a site restrain from mentioning its origin, If not a big deal at all? The professional business runners provide with every possible information about them in order to satisfy the audience/customers. Though the site has scammed many people in the USA and Canada, There is no official statement by the site about where it actually comes from. 
  • The content on the site is copied, And the images of the puppies have been taken from Google. Enough of the proof against the site. Definitely a scam.

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HOW DO THEY SCAM? (Their customer’s experiences)

What the people who have been their target have experienced makes enough sense to give grounds to you not to buy from them. They don’t give any information regarding how to pick up points. After the online prepayment,

they tell their customers about a contract with another site that claims to transport the pets in order to take more money for transportation, and once you have paid, they begin to ignore the customers. Of course there is no other way to contact them. Many people have got scammed by the site in the same way, Lost their money and left being just another target of the site.

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The reviews by the site’s buyers are totally negative and sad. They never deliver the pets after you have paid for them. And since there is no official address or contact number provided by the site, there is nothing you can do to look for them. Remember to always buy from the sites that have good reviews and not just the good content. Of course content is something they tell you by themselves. And not to forget, Do look for their social media technology presence and official contact before paying

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