Brad Beckerman Biography | Who Is Brad Beckerman?

The life of Brad Beckerman is full of adventure, mysteries, and astonishing facts; here, we will try to cover all aspects of his life and give bundles of accurate information about his life.

What kind of information about Brad Beckerman you are looking for will be covered here in a short piece of this article.

We divided Brad Beckerman’s biography article into phases, and you will all be surprised by knowing facts you might not have heard about his life stories.

From early life to the relationships of Brad Bekckerman, the Net worth of Brad Beckerman, the living style of Brad Bekckerman, the career of Brad Brekckerman, and some astonishing facts that might surprise you all.

Brad Beckerman Instagram About:

Entrepreneur & Founder @camoworks@stillhouseusa@trunkltd@itbrandstudios

The Early life of Brad Brekckerman and Bio

Brad Brekckerman Lifestyle:

Brad Beckerman was born in 1966, and we did not receive his exact date of birth because he might have been hiding for some reason we are unaware of.

Presently he is 56 years old in this current year, an entrepreneur, former president of Live Nation entertainment, and ex-husband of a celebrity.

There is a reason for the so-called ex-husband of a celebrity and why he is famous with this title more than any other. Brad Bekckerman married renowned singer, actress, dancer, and television personality Paula Abdul; before marrying her, he was not in the news much.

Brad Beckerman is an American national of caucasian ethnicity and followers of the Christianity religion.

Brad Beckerman is the owner of Still Houses well known American liquor Company.

Brad Brekckerman Age

Brad Beckerman was born in 1966, Brad Beckerman Age 64 years in 2022

Brad Brekckerman Height

Brad Brekckerman Height information about his height is 5 feet 9 inches. weight is 75 kg,

Education of Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman’s early education history is a mystery because he has hidden many things, and Brad Beckerman shows misery by revealing his personal life to others.

Brad Beckerman is native American, so he must have had earlier schooling in the United States of America, and Brad Beckerman holds a bachelor’s degree from the University Of Florida.

The Relationship Status of Brad Beckerman

Before marrying Paula Abdul, they dated for a year and then decided to tie the knot.

Paula Abdul and Brad Beckerman’s marriage ceremony was held in Los Angeles in Hills Four Seasons Hotel on October 24, 1996.

This beautiful couple met for the first time in Los Angeles and then decided to arrange a marriage ceremony in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, their happy marriage Life had a short span; Brad and Paula stayed for one year and seven months, and both decided to divorce through a legal process.

After divorce, Brad chooses to remain single and construct buildings for his career; he is successful and owns a liquor company. Still, people were curious about why Brad was still single and not remarry.

The Career of Brad Beckerman

Talking about success stories, the career of Brad Beckerman, and what he has gained and what he would not achieve but wanted to acquire.

So here we bring a complete career story of Brad Beckerman as every success comes after efforts and hard work. Brad also climbed mountains of difficulties before what he achieved.

Here is a list of successful careers of Brad Beckerman.

  • Brad Beckerman started his career as general manager of Starter Sportswear in 1996.
  • He left his previous job after spending six years in Starter Sportswear.
  • Brad started his own company, Trunk Ltd(an entertainment merchandising company).
  • The year 2007 was lucky for Brad Beckerman. He was nominated for president of merchandising for Live Nation Entertainment.
  • After a year, in 2008, Beckerman became the company’s chief creative officer.
  • In the same year, he established Stillhouse Spirit Company, a liquor-related company.

The Net worth of Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman’s career story is mentioned above, and he achieved massive success in his life and went through different stages to acquire the position he has today.

Brad Beckerman’s net worth is about $2 million in 2022, and he is CEO of the Stillhouse Spirit company he established in 2008. Stillhouse generates revenue worth $ 5 million annually.

The body measurement of Brad Beckerman

Brad Beckerman is a famous personality for different reasons. For example, he is a good entrepreneur, CEO of Stillhouse firm, president of merchandising for Live Nation entertainment, and ex-husband of a celebrity.

But still, one thing is not revealed by many: Brad is a handsome, fit, and tall guy living a luxurious life in the United States of America.

There is some measurement of Brad Beckerman.

  • Brad Beckerman’s weight is 75 kg, and his height is 5 feet 9 inches.
  • Brad Beckerman’s color or eyes us black, and his hair color is blonde.

Social media of Brad Beckerman

  • Brad Beckerman achieved popularity because of his success and past, but here, we are not going to discuss his past.
  • His ex-wife Paula Abdul is a famous singer-actress, and Brad acquires some attention from people due to marrying her and his career and passion.
  • Brad Beckerman’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are private; we did not find excellent knowledge of Brad Beckerman’s social media.
  • Brad Beckerman is active on social media and keeps posting his life activities on the internet so people can get them.
  • The reason for keeping his account indicates that he does not want to share his life with just selected people.
  • Brad Beckerman Instagram followers: 2533 followers and ten posts.
  • These numbers of followers are present, but more people are connecting with Brad Beckerman daily.

Brad Brekckerman Wife

Brad Brekckerman name is Paula Adul but now his ex-wife.divorced in 1997

Brad Beckerman Wife Paula Abdul Pics

About Paula Abdul, ex-wife of Brad Beckerman.

Why am I compelled to write about Paula Abdul? In the biography of Brad Beckerman, there are plenty of reasons for writing about Paula Abdul.

How she was influential in Brad Beckerman’s life and how Brad Beckerman and Paula Abdul got separated, so the life of Paula Abdul is connected with Brad Beckerman.

Paula Abdul is Brad Beckerman’s ex-wife, born in 1992; her birthdate is July 19, 1992. And she celebrates this day with love and receives many wishes from fans.

She is 59 years old by calculating her birth year, and as years change, her age too, and she was born in San Fernando, a city in the United States.

Paula Abdul got her primary education from Van Nuys High School and then went to California State for higher education.

Brad Beckerman and Paula Abdul got married on October 24, 1996. After years of dating and one year and a couple of months, both decided to split and end their marriage on March 10, 1998.

There must be reasons for their separation, but now both are living their life peacefully and busy in their life.

Paula Abdul Biography

Paula Abdul is possibly single at present. She was divorced two times. The first time she was wed to Emilion Estevez in 1992. The couple, however, did not succeed in their marriage and ended up splitting in 1994.

Paula Abdul Early life and Bio

The following year, Abdul married Brad Beckerman in 1996. But, like the previous wedding she had the marriage ending following two marriage years.

There were no children born out of either of the marriages or from her love affair in the relationship with Brad Beckerman.

  1. Paula Abdul Personal Life: Abdul was married to Brad Beckerman in 1996 but exactly like her first marriage, this one too ended after two years of marriage.
  2. Paula Abdul’s Bio: Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962 – age 58 years – San Fernando, California.
  3. Paula Abdul Net Worth: net worth of $30 million

Social media of Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul Instagram Account


The biography of Brad Beckerman has been discussed in this piece of article, and we tried to cover every aspect of his life and some facts and authentic information,

We defined Brad Beckerman’s marriage life, net worth, personal life, and more about Brad Beckerman.

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