Best Tools To Google Review Widget On Website 2022

How do you find the nearest location or restaurant you’d like to go to? You’re using Google you must be thinking?

Most people are doing the same, and Google is striving to provide the most enjoyable user experience for users and to improve their online presence by providing tools for businesses. Google has announced Google My Business The previous Google Places, which seeks to give businesses the tools to maintain and grow their presence across various Google products.

  • It’s free to use Google My Business and any business can post their address and set up a profile. 
  • Customers can leave reviews as well as upload images that relate to your area once you’ve created your account. and users can actually look through reviews.
  • It’s all about social evidence. 
  • It provides the user with the assurance that if they decide to visit a site with a lot of positive reviews and not many negative ones.

They have made the right decision. Why would you want to add Google reviews to websites? You can find the answer here with help of technology.

Based on the findings of BrightLocal’s Annual Local Customer Review Study, 91% of people are more likely to trust local businesses than an established company simply due to its favorable customer reviews.

Why Embed Google Review Widget On Your Website?

If you run a business and prospective customers are searching for your address or for information about products you sell You will want to ensure that the reviews are favorable and keep track of the content that appears in Google results.

A negative or unfavourable number of reviews can directly impact the trust and decision-making process of your customers in general. They may reach the point of choosing between either you or your competition.

  • Business owners must pay close attention to customer service. 
  • They must keep track of. Respond and consolidate the feedback received from social media platforms such as Facebook, Google.
  • Help as well as display the feedback on your brand’s official website.
  • We suggest showing that you’re prepared to share the experience of users with your company.

Here are a few of the advantages that including Google Reviews on your website :

  • Google Reviews improve your SEO, and also send positive signals about your site and business to Google’s algorithm. Google algorithm.
  • It gives local businesses with the chance to get an advantage over competitors through the collection of Google feedback.
  • How do you respond to negative feedback can create a sense of urgency, which can to build trust with customers.
  • Marketers can improve the various aspects of their business by using Google reviews to deliver an improved user experience and be found more easily on Google. This can lead to a positive relation with the customers of your company.

Tools To Embed Google Review Widget On Website

1. Tagembed Google Review Widget

The Tagembed Google Review Widget an integrated solution to embed user reviews on your site. This tool allows users to pull reviews of customers from Google to display these reviews as one feed across the internet platform. With gorgeous customization tools like themes, fonts design elements and styles, templates, colors and more.

The Google review widget lets you to personalize your review feed. Additionally, in order to get rid of unneeded and irrelevant reviews, and to keep only the most relevant ones on your feed, you can control the content of the review stream.

Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

There is also the option of allowing live updates to your feed. Additionally, in addition to easy integration tools for websites like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify as well as Shopify. 

You also have the option to integrate your own content, and measure its performance using the built-in analytics and more. With easy embedding the widget is highly flexible and user-friendly. The widget is completely free to use, which makes it the most effective solution, with incredible capabilities.

2. Reviews On Website

  • Review On Site is an software that permits Google review to be read on your website.
  • It it also provides a solution to display reviews from customers on your site. 
  • This tool provides you with the capability to retrieve quickly reviews via the Google+ business account and you can combine with the WordPress website platform with Review tool. Review tool.
  • The customizable option gives you the option of customizing your review feed, as well as various layouts and themes that conform to your website’s structure and needs. 

It also offers the possibility of selecting which feedback you would like to display and which to conceal, to ensure you receive the best quality outcomes and content. When embedding feedback it is extremely flexible and user-friendly.

3. WordPress Plugin For Google Reviews

WordPress is an amazing platform to create websites. It it provides a wide range of widgets and plugins that allow you to swiftly and easily integrate external elements into the site. 

It also comes with an extension to Google Reviews that enables you to integrate the Google+ reviews into the website. 

  • This plugin for your site is extremely customizable and beneficial. 
  • When you have your website’s pages or websites, you can display the Google summary in a style of a sidebar.
  • you can activate the auto-update feature and, by activating the filter feature that allows you to access feedback in a categories.

The tool lets you display up to five reviews for a specific area and also to reduce lengthy reviews by adding the “Read more” button. It also allows the integration to WordPress page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver, Gutenberg, Page Root, etc

There are a variety of customization options that can be made in the plugin, for example, themes or templates. It also comes with an active customer service function to resolve any issues or issues. While the features are excellent but the plugin is only limited to the building framework that is used on the WordPress website without the other options.


Customer reviews reflect the image of your company and your brand. Embedding them on your website will help to build confidence, establish credibility and integrity and much more. This results in increased interactions with your website and a rise in the average time of stay as well as a lower bounce rate. more traffic due to higher SEO performance, increased visibility and reach and, most importantly, sales and conversions.

Therefore, start now to implement Google feedback to your website by using the top options we’ve listed above and discover the potential for more success for your website and the return on investments.

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