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Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur


Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur. Islampur is a city located in the Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal, India, since it is the administrative hub in The Islampur subdivision.

In 1956, Who reconstructed part of the old Kishanganj subdivision was created, which included parts of Goalpokhar, Islampur, and Chopra thanas (police stations) as well as parts of Thakurganj thana as well as the adjoining areas that were part of the old Gopalpur thana in the Katihar subdivision in the Purnea district in Bihar West Bengal was repatriated and officially incorporated into the Raiganj subdivision within the West Dinajpur district. Additionally, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, Director of the Chief Ministry for West Bengal, on March 21st, 1959, officially launched the Islampur Sub-Department in the newly established SDO. Administrative Headquarters, Islampur.

Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

Islampur Police Station is responsible for the Islampur urban area and the Islampur CD block (community development).

It is situated 110 kilometres from district offices and covers an area of 331.20 square kilometres. Additionally, this P.S. is responsible for The Islampur Town Out Post and Ramganj Out Post.

Beautiful beyan has been included in GPS Islampur.

GPS ISLAMPUR was established in 1968 and is run by the Ministry of Education. It’s situated in the rural region. It’s located in the SUJANPUR Block of the PATHANKOT district of Punjab. Furthermore, it is composed of classes 1 through 5. The school is a co-educational model; however, it has no preschool associated with it. It’s an independent school and doesn’t use the facilities as shift schools. In addition, Punjabi is the language taught at this school. Because an all-weather road connects the school, the school is accessible under all weather conditions. The academic year begins in April.

Beautiful beyan has been included in GPS Islampur

The school is a government-owned facility. It has three classrooms that are used for teaching. The classrooms are well-maintained. Furthermore, Who can use two rooms for other purposes?

It has its very own space for the teacher or principal. The facility also features a wall around the perimeter constructed from Pucca. It also features an outdoor playing field. It is also equipped with electric power. Hand pumps provide the water supply to the school, and they’re working. The school is equipped with one male toilet. It’s functional. Also, there’s a female toilet that is working.

School lunches are prepared and served inside the school, serving an afternoon meal. The school also has an open library for everyone. The library has 207 titles in the collections. It does not require wheelchairs for children with disabilities to access classrooms. However, the school is not equipped with computers for teaching or learning. In addition, the school does not have computers in its computer-assisted learning laboratory.

Tariq Jameel- Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

Tariq Jameel (born January 1st 1953), often referred to in the media as Maulana Tariq Jameel, is a Pakistani spiritual and Islamic scholar, orator, and preacher from Tulamba, close to Mian Channu in Khanewal, Punjab. He is a member of Tablighi Jamaat, a research scholar who is the director of a madrassa in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is listed as a well-known presenter in the 2013/2014’s edition of The Muslim 500 book.

They said that Islampur is the capital of Islampur and has been declared the capital of the Islampur CD block. Islampur CD block.

All areas shown on the map are connected if you use the full-screen versions of the map. As part of the West Bengal Official Language (Amendment) Act of 2012, which came at the end of December, Urdu has been given the title of an official language in areas with more than 10% Urdu people, including block divisions and subdivisions. Goalpokhar I and the II block, Islampur Block, and Islampur Municipality have been assessed as in compliance with the established standards of Uttar Dinajpur District. Furthermore, Dalkhola Municipality was added to the list due to an order issued by the Kolkata Supreme Court in 2014.

Beautiful beyan GPS in Islampur – Travel

  • Islampur police station is accountable to the Islampur municipal area and is also responsible for the Islampur area’s neighbourhood (CD) block.
  • It is located 110 kilometres from the region’s capital. It covers an expanse comprising 331.20 acres.
  • This P.S. is accountable to Islampur Town OutPost and Ramganj Out Post.
  • The city of Islampur is home to the Islampur CD block. Islampur CD block.
  • The full-screen versions of the map show that all the map’s areas are linked.
  • Following the West Bengal Official Language (Amendment) Act of 2012
  • The law was implemented in December 2012, when Urdu was designated as the official language for regions with more than 10 per cent Urdu-speaking residents, such as subdivisions, blocks or even blocks.
  • Goalpokhar I and II block Goalpokhar I block and the II block Goalpokhar I, II block, and Islampur block along with Islampur municipality. Islampur municipality is considered to conform with the guidelines of the Uttar Dinajpur district.
  • Dalkhola Municipality was added as per a decision by Calcutta High Court in 2014.


So, in this case, we are aware of Beautiful beyan on GPS islampur. According to the website, Islampur is an urban area and municipality located within the Uttar Dinajpur region of West Bengal, India.

It serves as the administrative hub of Islampur. In 1956, a part of the old Kishanganj subdivision comprised Goalpokhar, Islampur and Chopra Thanas (police stations) and a portion of Thakurganj Thana.

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