Beard Oil And Balm: How To Choose Them? 

You have a beautiful beard and you want to maintain it as much as possible so that it remains a really charming asset. You have the beard trimmer, the razor, then aftershave too, but something is missing! You want a beautiful full, shiny, and soft beard. But how to achieve such results?

It’s easy to let a beard grow, but maintaining it is something else entirely!

Here are some quick points:

Beard Oil

If you’ve proudly sported a beard for a long time, a few days short, or a very long one for years, you’ve probably heard of beard growth oil . And maybe you already use it. 

Sold in the form of a bottle, with a pipette or other delivery system, these oils make it possible to effectively maintain the beard and offer multiple advantages.

It nourishes the beard hair in-depth and moisturizes the skin below the beard. 

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Why use beard oil?

Beard hair is delicate, and for maintaining its balance and shape, in every sense of the word, it requires a supply of nutrients to give it resistance and flexibility.

The main benefits of applying a beard oil are:

  • A nourished beard and therefore softer to the touch, for you and for others
  • Moisturized facial skin, to avoid dandruff, itching, and tightness
  • A more supple, disciplined hair and therefore easier to comb
  • A beard is more resistant, thus ensuring optimal growth
  • A silky and delicately perfumed beard if the oil used contains a perfume

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Among the most common, here are some important oils:

  • Argan
  • Sweet almond 
  • Hazelnut
  • Grapeseed 
  • Avocado 
  • Jojoba
  • Sesame
  • Hazelnut
  • Castor oil

As you can see, the ingredients remain much the same as those used by the ancestors. The main difference today lies in the purity of the oils, which are better filtered, and in their precise assembly.

The daily use of good beard oils provides a healthy and elegant beard. It’s quite remarkable because, from the first use, you immediately feel the benefits like shinier and smoother hair and less tightness of the skin under the beard. It won’t scratch anymore! 

Yes, dear bearded friends, a simple oil can help you improve your well-being, and at the same time make you feel more chic and desirable!

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How to use beard oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is without a doubt after a shower.

The scales of the hair are opened and the pores of the skin dilated. All the conditions are, therefore, met to nourish your face. Dry the beard well with your towel beforehand. You will need to pour some beard oil into your clean hands.

Then, make it warm for a few seconds in the palms of your hands, so as not to apply it cold to your beard. The heat also thins it and allows it to spread better.

Once warmed, apply it to your beard, taking the time to massage deeply well everywhere. Do not rinse after the massage. Beard oil and water really don’t mix well. So be patient, and just let the product act and penetrate.

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Beard balm:

Beard balm also contains oils. But it is not only rich in nourishment but also has good styling. It will, therefore, like beard oil, nourishes skin and hair, and in addition, will help you discipline your facial hair. That is to say, you can give it a more regular shape and thus make it neater, more “styled”.

Beard wax will have a more powerful fixing effect. However, your beard will not have the same natural look as they were before using the beard balm. 

In addition, beard wax is not easy to wash off when cleaning the face. There may be residue left. And then you will have to wait a few days before it disappears completely.

Beard balm is a great alternative between beard oil and beard wax.

It is particularly recommended if you have a long and thick beard.

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Why use a beard balm?

The balm is an ally to give style to your beard. As said above, it will feed and discipline your beard. Be careful not to put too much. The balm should not grease your beard. You have to apply the right amount so that your beard has the most natural appearance possible!

So that you understand in a concrete way what it is used for, here are some advantages:

  • It will hydrate your skin and the hairs of your beard by maintaining their hydration level
  • It will nourish and soften the hairs of your beard so that it becomes more beauty and shinier
  • The beard balm will also protect and soothe your skin from all external aggressions such as UV, dust, or pollution
  • It will also manage to discipline and style your beard so that it looks clean and polished
  • Finally, the beard balm will delicately perfume your pretty chin for a pleasant smell

How to choose the right beard balm?

Although the choice, when it comes to beard balms is not as wide as for beard oils, there are still many products today, and it is important to know how to differentiate them in order to be able to find the one that suits you best. 

How to use beard balm?

Now that you know a little more about this superb 2-in-1 product, let’s move on to the practical side, the use of beard balm.

First of all understand that before using it, you must start with two important steps, which should not be overlooked, cleaning and drying your beard. Indeed, it is important to apply the balm to a clean and dry beard. 

Because if you don’t wash and dry your hair, the effect of the balm won’t be the same and you’ll have the unfortunate feeling of having “greasy” hair all the time. Your beard is like your hair, if you don’t clean it regularly, you will have an unpleasant sensation, not to mention the itching that you may experience.

  • The first step will therefore be to clean your beard, with a beard soap or shampoo, then dry it carefully
  • Once your beard is completely dry, go to the second step which will be the “heating” of the balm. To do this, take a small dab of balm and warm it for a few moments in the palm of your hands. The balm will melt and will thus be much easier to distribute over the entire board
  • For this third step, apply the beard balm to your beard once it has melted. You must apply it everywhere and well in-depth on your beard, by “massaging” in a delicate way.
  • Don’t forget the fourth and final step, which will be to brush or comb your beard.


Finally, for the frequency of use, here is some advice for you to apply the balm or oil in the morning. Your beard will look great all day. But if you have the possibility and the desire, you can very well do it a 2nd time in the evening, in order to always have a clean and impeccable appearance. For example before going out to a party.

It is now up to you, Bearded Gentleman, to find the beard oil or balm that best suits your beard, style, and desire.

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