2 Best USB Foot Pedal for Gaming

If you’re looking to make a splash in online games and be able to boast the best scores in the crowd of gamers, then you require an ideal Foot pedal USB that is suitable for gaming. There are many USB pedals on the market, and deciding the best one can be difficult.

1. Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal

Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal

Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal is built on a cannon-like foot design that utilizes smart device technology to improve the speed at which the pedal reacts to your movements and transform the movements into vibrant action in the display.


It is possible to control game’s weapons by making a couple of motions of the feet. No matter if you’re driving your vehicle or firing weapons this is the best USB foot pedal to play for all kinds of games.

The design is comprise of four buttons, that you can set up independently to provide a variety of actions and combinations. Each pad has two buttons that provide you complete control over your actions and reduces the chance of accidentally performing several actions at once.

What sets this pedal from others is that it utilizes the unique IDI technology to allow for advanced features. It operates on a 32 bit microprocessor that has 8Mb flash support.


  • It can be customized very quickly and with little effort
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 across computers
  • It is easy to change the distance between the pedals


  • Don’t offer a tight grip to prevent slipping


From a hardware and software perspective from a software and hardware standpoint, from a software and hardware perspective, this USB foot-pedal to play games is a fantastic option for novice gamers. With a variety of options, you can utilize it to play virtually any game that you like playing for long hours.

2. Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable Three Foot pedal (FP30AJ- with Fourth Jack)

Kinesis Savant Elite2 Programmable Three Foot pedal (FP30AJ- with Fourth Jack)

The foot pedal in Savant Elite 2 is the ideal ergonomic gaming device that will offer you a fluid and engaging gaming. It is possible to configure multiple settings and also connect various other accessories with the USB foot pedal to play.


Its Savant Elite, 2-foot pedal is constructed with an extremely durable steel base that is ideal for gamers who will be require to use it for long periods of time. The body is constructed from ABS plastic that is strengthen with glass to create a an elegant and sleek appearance.

You can set your USB foot pedal to enable gaming with a variety of key commands that are based on Tab and Enter keys, macros with different lengths, and mouse movements. By a single press of your foot, you can perform actions that require many keystrokes or clicks the mouse.

Pros List

  • It is easy to put together and to set up for any sport
  • In a single configuration you can play a variety of games
  • Frees up your hands to perform other tasks.
  • Auto hotkey features reduce the amount of actions or moves

Cons List

  • The switch at the pedal’s bottom isn’t accessible without the use of a screwdriver
  • The buttons need more force than normal force to be activated.
  • It’s a pricey product.


Its Savant Elite 2 is a great foot pedal USB for games into your gaming gear and will bring lots of excitement to your game play.

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