10 Best football players in Pakistan

For the most part, you have heard the name of Pakistan in top class category when it comes to sports, of all the games and outdoor in well regards for cricket. But on the other side, cricket is not only a game which Pakistan has an indispensable command of. But as a matter of fact is that football is another game. which Pakistan has been leading forward with its well established footballers. Best Softball Gifts: The Top All List For the very course of notion here, we are going to state the top ten of Pakistan’s best footballers.

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1. Kaleemullah Khan:

Kaleemullah Khan was born in Chaman, which is a famous and equally well known city district from Balochistan. Kaleemullah Khan’s consistent and unprecedented qualities makes him the number one footballer at the very young age of 29. The matter of fact is that he was born on 20 September 1992. The most important thing to consider here is that the recesses of Chaman were not that much modernized or yielding. But still from the outset, the crucial NATO route that leads Pakistan to Afghanistan makes Kaleemullah Khan and his childhood all growing up and learning the deftness of football. Kaleemullah Khan’s career before all that showy panoply is another matter of transcendent specimen.

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Today Kaleemullah Khan is only a footballer to assign himself for another world organization for an international football management body. The career which Kaleemullah Khan leads in the department of football is only full of records and unattainable scores. Where for the matter of instance, it is for Kaleemullah Khan on any account to create 100 career goals in club competitions. Moreover on further records for Kaleemullah Khan, he is the only footballer in Pakistan who has  played in the United States. And again he is the only Pakistani to play for an English Premier League team.


2. Zeshan Rehman:

Zeshan Rehman was born on 14 October 1983 in one of the major cities of England from the West Midlands region, Birmingham. Zeshan Rehman at his early age played football in local teams, he for some time played on streets and roads. He later played football in presenting his school, county and district. Zeshan Rehman afterwards covered his life in north-east of Central Birmingham, the constituency of England, Aston. Zeshan Rehman possesses dual citizenship of Britain and as well as Pakistan where now he is famous in football as a British Asian footballer. There is an innumerable list of Zeshan Rehman’s records where he made the scores which are unbeatable and the games which none in general can easily participate in.



In addition to what has been stated, Zeshan Rehman is the first Pakistani footballer to start a Premier League match as well as four divisions of football in England. Moreover in the land of England he is still a footballer who played matches at youth level as for instance taking it from eighteen to twenties.

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3. Adnan Farooq Ahmed:

Adnan Farooq Ahmed was born on 7 June 1984. Like most of the top footballers he was also born in the land of English Empire the Burnley, England. After performing an unparalleled and equally glorious career of eleven years in football he finally left his career. Today Adnan Farooq is popular as a former international footballer. All because six years, half of his career was spent for international football clubs. Where he showed the unprecedented and unsurpassed deftness of scoring four goals and beyond the comparison got the twenty-seven caps. Twelve years of his career mainly speaks words of optimum and transcendent performance and unshakable choices. From that twelve years he served seven years of his career all at youth clubs. Among them the most popular is professional association football club based in Cardiff, and another most common is German professional football club.

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4. Essa Khan:

Muhammad Essa Khan was born born on 20 November 1983 in the new district of Balochistan named Chamanlocated on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Chaman is the hub which has raised the personalities who topped everything in A grade. Essa Khan, when he was new to this profession he at his initial or you can say when he was at the learning stage of life he at that time was very competent and consistent from the very start. His career took over the glory and recognition when he participated in the football association club, mainly known as the Afghan Club Chaman youth team.

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Current life:

Currently in today’s time and date, Essa Khan does not play as a footballer as a matter of principle, he has discontinued his career since a considerable period of time. But till today he has not entirely given up his career of football, where the fact that he is serving his experience of unparalleled profile as a coach of Pakistan national football team.

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5. Mohammad Nabil Aslam:

Mohammad Nabil Aslam was born on 3 August 1984 born in the commercial center of Lyngby-Taarbæ, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. Nabil Aslam in the association of football only means multifaceted and conversant. Which simply and straightforwardly means he is a player with multi functional charges where he is capable in adapting varying positions of

defenders. As for instance he can effectively perform the role of center-back, sweeper, full-back, and wing-back all in a versatile way possible. The most noteworthy thing about Nabil Aslam other than being a multi tasker and all rounder is that he is a player whose physical stamina is unattainable. As for instance the way he performed back to back in his previous matches where he stopped attacks in a game and while he was opposing the opponents in making the score is simply tough-tackling.

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6. Hassan Naweed Bashir:

Hassan Naweed Bashir was born on 7 of January 1987. He was born on the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager, Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. Hassan Naweed Bashir’s first and primary concern pivots for his nation, Pakistan. Where now he plays with all his focus for the country Pakistan’s and his national team. Other than Pakistan’s national team he plays for AB Tårnby. For the ground of football Hassan Naweed has played all sorts of roles as taking in from his position as a forward, also he plays his role in association football position, in the midst of his team’s defenders and forwards. But for all things his role for second striker and center forward are unattainable and utterly incomparable. Where none can play such a position at the same time with that much deftness and dynamics.

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7. Yousuf Butt:

Yousuf Ijaz Butt was was born on October 18, 1989. All of his fandom league from South Asia regards him with the title of The Wall. All because of Yousuf But’s performance and accomplishment of unattainable tasks. Whereas, when it comes to football Yousuf Butt, takes charge, in one of the most crucial and major positions, to keep the rival team in charge from making up a score. In the entire association of football, Yousuf Butt has secured his name in the most specialized position which anyone can ever attain. Currently Yousuf Butt is leading player for Ishøj IF, where he is representing his skills vigorously.

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Other than that he also plays for his national team the Pakistan national football team. For good measure to these accomplishments Yousuf Butt has been awarded ‘Man of the Match’ in several matches. Another equivalent accomplishment for Yousuf Ijaz is that he has attained victory over the most pronounced and well established football player, Jaffar Khan by the year of 2012 and 2013.

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8. Samir Nabi:

Samir Nabi was born on 16 December 1996. His place of birth is Birmingham, England. Samir Nabi has made his name all highlighting in the list of top ten footballers in Pakistan all solely by inordinate values in relationship to deftness, competency, and confidence. The position which Samir Nabi secured is one of the toughest positions in the entire association of football. Where he has a practiced and seasoned command over defending his team. Or some time by taking work from a dynamic approach as to blur the boundaries, all in no time being ultimately swift and efficient in passing the ball all throughout the ground. All in all, Samir Nabi has ultimate skills over being midfield which a player in football could ever achieve.

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9. Jaffar Khan:

Jaffar Khan has produced the greatest enterprise to the whole of the football association. Jaffar Khan with all his competence and savviness has always kept away the opposing rival from making a goal. The way Jaffar Khan carries the ball all in the respective recesses of ground all along the goal line is all based on his personal artistries and discipline. It will not be wrong to say that, in consideration from the time when Jaffar Khan made his appearance in the field of football, since that period of time he is always presenting himself as the only most important, powerful and influential goalkeeper of all time. He is the only player who has not ever played or participated in any team other than his national team, Pakistan. Jaffar Khan, is now all famous with a nickname for Jeff, which his nation’s fandom has titled to him.

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10. Atif Qureshi Bashir:

Atif Qureshi Bashir was born on 3 April 1985. His mother is German-Turkish whereas his father is Pakistani. Today the word ex or former comes after the name of Atif Bashir when it comes to the profession of football. The fact that Atif Bashir completed his career in the year of 2017. All mainly because he got severe knee injuries from the last few years. While talking about his performance and the way he played football it is all worthwhile to insert his name in the list of top ten best footballers in entire Pakistan. Welsh football club, the Dinas Powys Football Club was the association which represented Pakistan’s national team on an international level. Regardless of his resignation, the football player Atif Bashir is still in the hearts of football lovers all mainly because of his unparalleled focus and ultimate reflexes which he used in his performances.

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