10 Best football players in India

India has secured its names in some of the prevailing departments. But when it comes to sports, it has been a topic of discussion and confabulation. Well, comparatively to boot, football is another sports association where India has shown extraordinary talent in the respective field. Supplementarily for good measure, India has made remarkably impressive records, to the extent that it becomes hard only to mention ten of their footballers. 

Where the fact is that innumerable players are all deserving of securing their names in the top ten fields. But again, we have pointed out ten of the best at the top of the list for circumscription.

Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri was born on 3 August 1984, and his birthplace is Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The current team where Sunil Chhetri is showing his unmatched performances is Bengaluru Football Club. Bengaluru FC was originally based in Bangalore, Karnataka. Sunil Chhetri organizes the centre operations on the pitch.

It would not be wrong to say that he is the player on whom the entire football association rests in a team. Chhetri is major support for their squad, as the fact that he handles the advanced position of a game, with none at all defending sources. It is the position of forwarding that Sunil Chhetri plays. In the Indian Super League club, Bengaluru and the India national team, Sunil Chhetri plays the roles of forwarding and captain.

Feather in cap

Sunil Chhetri, in every major tournament, has shocked the masses while playing nearest to the opposing team’s goal and at the same time targeting all of the goals for his entire squad with other forwards. Our readers must realize that in today’s modern associations, only a limited number for forwards usually ranges from two to three.

It becomes hard for the forward to get the soccer beyond the goal line into the rival’s goal area. But for Sunil Chhetri, he is still maintaining the 6th top position in securing most of the goals all, especially at the international association of football.

Francisco Fernandes

Francisco Fernandes, sometimes people call him Francis Fernandes. He was born on 25 November 1985. His birthplace is Goa, Vasco da Gama. Francisco Fernandes spent his time in a beach-side village in Goa, India.

The most important and eccentric thing about him is how he manages his position as a winger. We can declare that he is the only winger of his kind, utterly talented and with God-gifted skill in respect to the football association. Another singular and exemplary thing about Francisco Fernandes is whenever he takes himself on the pitch between their team’s defenders and forwards, he always has an intense working culture in every operation and each move. 

His winger qualities

Francisco Fernandes is not any ordinary winger who could exclusively focus on a single operation of the midfielder. But as a matter of principle, he has quintessential and inimitable qualities of a defensive role by being in an utter state of being prepared mentally and physically to respond to each attack on the spot. Compulsively for Francisco Fernandes.

One can easily state that he is a playmaker of unsurpassed and recognized level. Francisco Fernandes is showing his winger qualities at Indian club Dempo S.C. in the Goa Professional League.

Bhaichung Bhutia

Bhaichung Bhutia’s date of birth is 15 December 1976. He was born in Tinkitam, Sikkim. He was a part of the country’s National team from 1995 to 2011. Furthermore, the teams which he managed were United Sikkim and Sikkim.

Bhaichung Bhutia is an Indian football organization gem because Inivalappil Mani Vijayan took Bhaichung Bhutia as a “God’s gift to Indian football”, where the matter of principle is that Bhaichung Bhutia got the long list of runner-up and winning declarations for the entire nation which are innumerable in the count.

In making the score

As for practical demonstration or a matter of instance, it was called Runner-up for 1995 Sri Lanka, 2008 Maldives and Sri Lanka; for 1997 Nepal, 1999 India and 2005 Pakistan they were winners. And most importantly, above all these achievements.

He got the first prize in an international football competition for Asian Football Confederation. Regarding position, Bhaichung Bhutia was the one major and utterly proximate player to the rival’s goalie on the ground. Bhaichung Bhutia leads the football pitch with only one determination to secure the most goals on behalf of his team.

Robin Singh 

Robin Singh’s date of birth is 9 May 1990. He is one of the most renowned and leading youth talents in India. His place of birth is Noida, India. At first, Robin Singh did not want to show himself in the football association, as plains were different. In opposition to this decision.

Robin Singh chose himself for a football career for many reasons. For the first consideration, it was his family who became the bedrock of motivating force and inspiration. Meanwhile, football was not only a game for him but also his family game.

Highest-level football association leagues

Robin Singh is a part of one of the major men’s leading football associations that happens to be from one of the two highest-level football association leagues in India’s football game.

Hero I League Round Glass Punjab football club with a working culture in Mohali, Punjab.

Pritam Kotal

Pritam Kotal was born on 8 September 1993 in Sabang Tehsil of Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal. It is a smaller village commonly known as Peru.

Pritam Kotal is only a solitary member, a kind of footballer who is exclusive in the entire team of The Indian Super League. He is a kind of a player who plays a defending role in the outfield. Pritam Kotal has unmatched skills in keeping the rival team out of operation to create any goal. Moreover, the player, Kotal, got another extraordinary command in stopping the opposition’s attacks. The way he manages to defend his team is outspoken. Currently, Pritam Kotal plays as right back for his country’s national team.

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The most important and equally eccentric achievement of Pritam Kotal is that he got his team number one in the 2018 Fifa world cup, which they played against Nepal.

Another crucial thing to discuss with him is that he got another first prize in the South Asian Football Federation Championship in Ooredoo SAFF Championship 2021 and the SAFF Suzuki Cup 2015.

Subrata Paul

Subrata Paul, also known as Subrata Pal, has a date of birth is 24 December 1986. He was born in Sodepur, West Bengal. Subrata Paul has achieved the name of Spider-Man of India by his excellent qualities. By securing over 35 saves in the eighth edition of the AFC Cup. That was the tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation.

Got the Arjuna Award

His major service to the Indian national team is that he served himself as a team’s captain in 2015. Following the same course of juncture, he was later awarded for his operations, the award named as Arjuna Award.

Shabbir Ali

Shabbir Ali was born on 26 January 1956. His place of birth is Hyderabad. Shabbir Ali was not just a football player in his career but also a football manager. Now the word former comes after his name, where the fact that he does not play football anymore is more precisely because of his age. But speaking of his career, he was always at its peak. To justify the very course of notion here. 

He is the only Indian footballer who has received the Dhyan Chand Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sports and Games. It was the year 2011 when Shabbir Ali got this lifetime achievement award. Another crucial thing to notice here is that the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports select a member through a committee once a year.

Syed Rahim Nabi 

Syed Rahim Nabi was “born on 14 December 1985”. His place of birth is in a state of the eastern region of India, HooghlyWest BengalCurrently, Syed Rahim Nabi does not play football anymore. He has been retired. It is a fact established by every professional footballer of India that Syed Rahim Nabi was a player at his time whom none can match regarding his skill and proficiency. 

Syed Rahim Nabi is one of those Indian international footballers who set exemplary figures before the corresponding club associations. Syed Rahim Nabi’s major achievement is that he got his team the first prize in the South Asian Football Federation Championship in 2005 and 2011Moreover, in 2013, in the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation Gold Cup contest, he got second place in the tournament.

Jeje Lalpekhlua

Jeje Lalpekhlua’s full name is Jeje Lalpekhlua Fanai, and his date of birth is 7 January 1991. He was born in the headquarters of Hnahthial district in the Indian state of Mizoram. Jeje Lalpekhlua’s youth career lasted from 2097 to 2008 in an Indian professional football club known as Pune Football Club.

Jeje Lalpekhlua is the player who got an award for FPAI Indian Player of the Year. All solely because he was the player of unmatched talent in the batch of 2015 to 2016. Apart from that, Jeje Lalpekhlua’s name comes second in making the highest score in the entire history of the Indian Super League.

Inivalappil Mani Vijayan

Inivalappil Mani Vijayan was born on 25 April 1969. His place of birth is Thrissivaperur, the headquarters of the Thrissur district in Kerala. I. M. Vijayan is famous as an Indian antelope or blackbuck. His biggest lifetime achievement is the Arjuna Awards for Outstanding Performance in Sports and Games, which he got in 2003. Moreover, for the justification of his talent, I. M. Vijayan got first in the South Asian Football Federation Championship in 1993. Soon after following the same rhythm, he still maintained his championship in the South Asian Football Federation Gold Cup in 1996 and 1997.

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